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Welcome to highfellow.org

My name is Andrew Baxter. I live in the North West of England. This is my webspace for writing up personal projects.

I now have a new blog at blog.highfellow.org - the old blog will be kept here.

I work part time for a small electronics company, doing bits of research, linux sysadmin stuff, and some microcontroller programming. When I am not working, I like to go cycling, make and listen to music, cook, engage in computer geekery and electronics, read a bit, and take photos.

The site is powered by dokuwiki - a lightweight wiki program with neat syntax and some nice features. I hope you find something here you like.

You can contact me at this email address: andy on the server highfellow dot org. (replace 'on the server' with '@' and 'dot' with '.' to make the right address).

What's here

  • https://github.com/highfellow - my page on github.com.
  • Mapping - making a start on an essay about the sociology and philosophy of mapping and calculation.
  • Charabanc - A javascript app for displaying panoramic guided tours of a physical place on the web. This is a demo of the new version (not tested in all browsers but works in Chrome).
  • Lothlorien - A community for people with mental health problems in the Scottish borders which I stayed at for a while, and whose website I wrote and still maintain.
  • The Synpad - A page about the position sensitive MIDI drum pad I built, with links to an Instructables article and a YouTube video.
  • Flickr - My Flickr.com account: mostly outdoor photos but also a few of people / events.
  • Instructables - My Instructables.com account: I occasionally put details of personal projects up here.
  • Arduino stuff - My notes on programming the arduino microcontroller board.
  • Shell scripting - Some thoughts and recipes that might be useful to people learning shell scripting.
  • Random password chooser - a cgi script to choose random passwords, based on an xkcd cartoon.
  • Random google searches - another cgi script which picks random words from the dictionary and gives you a link to a google search for those words.
  • A page about the buddycloud server node I'm running. Buddycloud is an alternative to facebook, based around free software, open protocols, and a federated network of servers. Some installation notes on how I set it up with my webhost (http://webfaction.com)
  • LED stair-lights - a short write up about a set of LED lights I made for the stairs in our house. Also on instructables.
  • World word clock - a javascript clock that displays the time in words, in English or German.
  • A supercollider program to convert a midi score into notes in a shepard scale. The scale sounds like it is rising or falling forever, depending on the midi score you use - a repeating rising scale in one octave becomes a rising shepard scale, and vice versa.
  • A tin box I painted with a marbled effect.
  • This is an interactive demonstration of the Lorenz System of chaotic equations I did.
  • Various bits and pieces related to the Field digital art environment by the OpenEnded group.

Incidentally, if anyone out there finds any of this stuff useful or interesting, it would be nice to have an email or postcard!

I'm hosted by webfaction.com, who I recommend highly - they have good technical support, an innovative custom designed control panel, and have a good range of software installed. If you like the look of what they do, and want to help me out, here's the referrals link